PTN Group – Portal to Food Product Development

            Capitalized on its vast experience in the frozen seafood business, PTN Group has horizontally expanded its operations into refrigerated warehousing and cold storage services. Operating under the name of Thepmanee Cold Storage, the Group’s modern cold storage facilities are positioned in 3 strategic locations—Chanthaburi, Samutsakorn, Talad Tai (Northern Bangkok). Each location is proximate to Thailand’s major food distribution hubs and food processing industrial zones as well as the country’s main logistic infrastructures.

            The provision of these services enables PTN Group to gain access to wide verity of fresh food supplies, including vegetables and fruits, beside seafood supply, all of which are fresh ingredients for several value-added products and ready-to-eat meals that we have continuously expanded our production line and market.

Our History
PTN Group - Thailand’s Leading Seafood Exporter

             Back in 1965, PTN Group began its local fishery brokerage business at the central fishery market in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, by the establishment of Phatthana Fishery Co., Ltd. Since then the group has continuously expanded its seafood business vertically in both downstream and upstream value chain. Phatthana Seafood Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 to process and began exporting frozen seafood products to global market. Along with its thriving development, PTN Group moves forward from domestic to multinational corporation and gets closer to its global consumer by establishment of its affiliates in major international market areas, such as the USA, EU and Japan.

             Today, PTN Group is recognized as one of the leading seafood packers with strong focus on frozen shrimp and its related value-added products in Thailand in terms of capacity and billing. The group’s frozen seafood business comprises 5 companies / 6 production facilities located in the major strategical seafood locations throughout Thailand—Samutsakorn (upper-Southern part), Chanthaburi (Eastern part) and Songkhla (lower-Southern part)—to ensure freshness quality and first-hand information of seafood supplies.

             In addition to our internationally certified processing facilities, seafood sourcing and production expertise and market knowledge accumulated over the years, we expand backward to our upstream value chain in shrimp farming operation to ensure the freshness quality and sustainable supply of shrimp raw material. Today, our shrimp farming area is located along the Eastern and Southern region of Thailand. We also extend our international quality standard in shrimp farming practice through our contract farming with selected qualified farms, as our Approved Vendor List (AVL).

             Our accomplishments and strong commitment to serve exceptional quality products tailored to global market needs have strongly positioned our products in both local and international markets. Some of our worldwide markets include, but are not limited to USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and the Middle East.

Quality Assurance
Dedication to Continuous Quality Development

            Behind our fresh, delicious and delightful products, food safety is our first priority and uncompromising standard practice. We meticulously operate our seafood processing facilities and shrimp farming under the widely accepted international food safety standards and quality management system. Some of our world-class certified achievements in farming, food handling and processing include GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, BRC, IFS, BAP, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 14001. We also possess the state-of-art laboratories to perform chemical and microbiological analysis to ensure that our products are completely safe, free from food-borne pathogens and antibiotic residues.

            Without the ability to identify the origin of our product and how they are handled, our world-class quality management cannot be accomplished. Traceability system is integrated in our strategically systematic approach to quality-oriented production process. We are among the first the industry to implement leading-edge traceability practices and continually develop and implement systematic foundations to ensure the integrity and transparency of our quality system.

             Our practical traceability system is capable of tracking seafood from the consumer’s plate back to the point of harvest, thereby giving consumers the confidence that comes with knowing where their dinner comes from and how it has been handled.